Offering The Work of Byron Katie in Individual Sessions, Online Classes and Engaging Workshops


I am Karen Cherrett, a Certified Facilitator of The Work, living in Hervey Bay, Australia.

I work with people from all over the world via Skype, Zoom or Telephone. And if you are local we can meet in person.

How do you know about The Work?  Have you watched Katie a lot on YouTube, or read one of her books?  Have you tried it yourself and maybe didn’t feel confident enough using it on your own?

Or you have some questions?

Maybe you would like to try The Work and don’t know where to start?

I am here to support you with The Work as long as you feel you need it.

Using The Work has many benefits that show up in not only your emotional well-being, also in your physical being.

Getting Started

Try the 3 Session Intro

Having three sessions of The Work will give you a taste of working with a Certified Facilitator. I will answer any questions you have about the process, and we will do The Work. We connect up, either in person or via Zoom/Skype for an hour, three times.  No need to stress about where to start either. I will help you put yourself back into a situation and find the thought to Work.


Join an Online Class

I regularly run 4 or 6-week online classes where we inquire into a specific topic.

We run a four-week series where we explore our thinking about our Mother using The Work. Each class we introduce a thought, and you see how that shows up for you.  We find moments, we write Judge Your Neighbour worksheets, or we do The Work. The class has a maximum of six participants. It is fun to meet other people doing The Work and see that we all have the same thoughts.

We host a parenting class where we spend six weeks exploring what it means to be a parent. We undo some of the core beliefs we hold by using the label Mother or Father. Questioning these thoughts allows you to be more present and connected with your child/children.     Find out more…

Too many thoughts running around in your head?  Join a six week ‘Slow Down The Movie’ class.  In this class, we have fun slowing down that movie picture of a situation that runs through our head when we react.  We play with the emotions list and recording our story of what happened.   Find out more…

For the other upcoming webinars check the Online Class page.

Want an in-person experience of The Work?

Are you interested in attending one of our Workshops?

We run workshops for one to twenty people.

The Workshops page will let you know what is currently scheduled.

Deepen Your Work

Join the year-long immersion program

If you have been doing The Work on your own and want to join a community regularly doing The Work then the year-long immersion program is for you.

We will meet once a week in a small group environment to do The Work.

Each month will have a different focus.

You will find information about the 2018 program here.


Visit our YouTube Channel and listen to our Podcasts

I love exploring everyday topics using The Work, and I do that on the Blog.  Recently I’ve been creating videos too, where I talk about noticing and concepts on doing The Work.

The Podcasts also explore common topics that I notice both with myself and others.


I look forward to being of service to you.


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