Why work with a Certified Facilitator of The Work

Why do The Work with a Certified Facilitator of The Work?

When you start using self inquiry, in my experience two things can happen. Firstly, you see how easy it is and dive headlong into doing it yourself and self facilitating; or, you struggle to understand it and while you see the value and want to do it, you don’t understand how it works, so you give it a go for a while and then stop, or get frustrated and believe that it doesn’t Work.  You might also think that you are ‘stuck’ in the process.

I have had both of these scenarios expressed by people that I have worked with.

Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie


The benefit of working with a Certified Facilitator of The Work

A Certified Facilitator has spent many hours doing self-inquiry in order to gain their certification.  What does this mean, it means that they have generally spent in the vicinity of 500 hours doing The Work both as a client and as a facilitator.

This has given them the experience of listening to their thoughts as they work with others; noticing how they avoid things themselves when they feel like going into uncharted territory; understanding how to capture thoughts on paper in a way that makes them easier to work (short simple statements, for example); being able to listen intently to hear the underlying beliefs in a situation.

In working with me you will:

  • feel listened to.
  • be held you in your self-inquiry.  I will hold you in the space of doing self-inquiry.  I will bring you back if you go into your story, and out of The Work process.  I will assist you, to find what is true for you.
  • gain assistance to get to the core moment when the stressful belief arose.  I will support you to find and focus on the moment with the most intense emotional reaction. On your own, you may not necessarily find it.
  • be supported in capturing your thoughts on paper. I will support you by holding you in your moment and capture your beliefs to complete a JYN.  This will allow you to sit in the emotion without needing to write. There is a difference in capturing a JYN from the point of it being an ‘analytical’ exercise versus from sitting in the emotion of the moment.
  • work with someone who completed over 1000 hours of her own Work before Certification and who continues with her own Work daily. During my Certification, I spent on average four to six hours a day doing The Work.  This helped me immensely to see the value of it as my relationships changed around me.

I am here to be of service to you and support you in your self-inquiry.

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