Certificate of The Work

Why undertake this Certificate of The Work?

This Certificate supports you to use The Work of Byron Katie as a tool. The aim is for you to be of service to others who want to do The Work moving forward.  It encourages you to undertake over 500 hours of your own Work practice.  For me, this has been the best way to be comfortable sitting in The Work as a facilitator for others.

Undertaking the Certification Program with the Institute for The Work took me two and a half years, lots of hours and cost over $50,000.  You might very much wish that you could do that and simply cannot afford it from with the money, nor time perspective.  My aim is to support the strengthening of our Work community here in Australia by offering this certificate course so that you can gain skills as a Facilitator of The Work.

By doing your own Work and exploring what it means to BE a Facilitator of The Work you undo all of your ideas about what it means and come to a place of being of service. That is my own experience of the Certification program.  It has been a very valuable thing and one that has benefited my own work immensely.

Why three years?  It took me that long to drop all of the beliefs that I had about what it meant to be a Facilitator.

The Program structure

The Certificate is structured to support the deepening of your own inquiry practices over a three-year period.  It consists of one and two-day workshops; topic based classes undertaken via online classes; individual one on one sessions and five-day intensives for immersion in The Work.

There is a requirement to undertake Work with other people also participating in the Certificate Program. These sessions are about experiencing yourself as a Facilitator and Client.

The course is structured to support you making The Work a part of your daily life moving forward.

Opportunity is provided to work with other Certified Facilitators to gain experience in other facilitation styles too.

If you move to the Certified Facilitator program with Byron Katie International, you will receive some credit hours for completion of this Certificate.

What you get by completing this program

At the end of the Program, you will

  • Obtain a Certificate detailing your 500+ Facilitation Hours with Karen Munro, Certified Facilitator of The Work.
  • You will receive a logo that you can use showing that you have completed this program
  • Have your name listed on the Inquiry@Work website as someone with in-depth facilitation experience.
  • Be offered the opportunity to be of service at Workshops and Events where we are spreading The Work.
  • Feel confident in using The Work with others as clients.

Year One

The requirement in Year One is to undertake 100 credit hours of The Work with Karen as follows:

   Description                                                                                                    Credit Hours

Introduction to The Work of Byron Katie (2 day/weekend workshop) 12
28 Day Program with The Work  (Daily practice with CF Karen Munro) 28
Online Class (20 weeks)

  • Slow Down the Movie (Beyond Basics)  (4 weeks)
  • Judge Your Neighbour (4 Weeks)
  • The Four Questions of The Work  (4 Weeks)
  • Exploring the Turnarounds  (4 Weeks)
  • Change your relationship with your Mother/Father  (4 weeks)
Deepening Your Work (2 day/weekend workshop) 12
5 Day Intensive – Be Happy with Who You Are 25
Hours doing The Work with Karen 107
+ Five Partner Cycles (Mandatory) 40

Other Information

Completion of the 28 Day Program may occur anytime during the first 12 month period. It is a pre-requisite to attend the Introduction Workshop.

Discovery of the key protagonist(s) in your life from your childhood will be an important aspect of getting to the heart of your Work.  We will work on this during the 28 Day Program.

The aim of doing our Work during this Certificate is to work on beliefs with your Mother, Father, Sister, or Brother as much as possible.

Online classes require a commitment of 1.5 hours each week for four weeks. This 1.5 hour is a group session where we do The Work on the specific topic area.  You are required to undertake one additional hour of partner work between classes. These classes are offered via a Conference Call or Zoom Meeting.  All you require is access to a telephone or the internet.

Partner Cycles are a cycle of ‘Work’ sessions with a partner. Details of the cycle will be provided. The purpose of these partner cycles is to practice your role as Facilitator and Client.

You will have access to a regular Q & A session where you can ask any questions that you have whilst undertaking your work.

You will gain access to a student only area where you will be provided with additional materials and insights.

Year Two

Description                                                                                                      Credit Hours

Monthly Inquiry 1:1 sessions with CF Karen Munro 12
Online classes x 3

  • My Facilitator is Difficult
  • I’m Right, You’re Wrong
  • Exploring Giving and Receiving Feedback
Relationship Workshop (2 day/weekend workshop) 12
5 Day Intensive – Being You 25
Hours doing The Work with Karen 76
+ Eight Partner Cycles (Mandatory) 64


Online Classes or Workshops with other Certified Facilitators 25
Hours doing The work with other Certified Facilitators 25

Year Three

Description                                                                                                  Credit Hours

Difficult Client (one day workshop) 6
28 Day Journey with The Work  (Daily practice with CF Karen Munro) 28
2 x 2 day/weekend workshops

  • I am…..
  • Facilitating The Work
5 Day Certificate Graduation Intensive 25
Hours doing The Work with Karen 83
+ Daily Practice with a Partner for 2 months. Can be broken into two one month cycles.  Must be daily connection to do The Work.

+ Client Facilitation Sessions x 10  (Peer Reviewed by Karen Munro)

+ Four Partner Cycles





Online classes and Workshops with other Certified Facilitators of The Work 20
Hours doing The Work with other Certified Facilitators 20

Answers to Questions you may have

Why would I undertake this certificate?  I already know how to do The Work?

Good question.  Firstly, if you are interested in deepening your work experience, then this is one way to do that.  Secondly, if you are in a profession where you are working with people then this certificate is going to add value to your skill set and offer you a different way of interacting and engaging with people.  You may even choose to use this and branch into being a Facilitator full-time once you have completed the program.

This Certificate program is all about exploring your assumptions and ideas about what it means to be a Facilitator of The Work.  It will also allow you to explore The Work as a concept including what sits outside the four questions and the turnarounds, as discussed by Katie in her books.  We explore these things in the online classes, as well as in the workshop environments.

What is involved in these online classes?

Online classes run for an hour to an hour and a half at the same time each week.  So the commitment in one week is an hour and a half to attend the online class, and an hour to meet with a partner to do The Work.  The classes are scheduled to try and fit around work schedules (for those who have jobs).  Whilst there is flexibility in meeting the needs of attendees, it doesn’t work for me to offer multiple time and date options post what is scheduled.

Will I have the opportunity to do The Work with other people?

Yes, part of the Certification requirement is that you do a set number of cycles of working with a partner.  You also have the option to do additional work with those in the program, if you choose.  We can discuss this as a group once the program commences.  I personally found a lot of power in doing daily practice with a partner for months on end.

Where are the workshops held?

Currently, the workshops are scheduled for Melbourne AND depending on the number of people enrolled from other places there may be an opportunity to hold workshops elsewhere.  This will be discussed and negotiated with the group enrolled.

Based on who enrols there may also be other options available regarding group get together and online attendance for that group.  Again, this will be discussed with the enrolled group.

I would really love to do it, but can’t afford it

I love that you are interested in deepening your work.  If this Certificate is not right for you because you think you don’t have the money for it, you may like to explore other ways of being involved in The Work community by attending single events or by having some individual sessions.  The Certificate program has been priced to provide a cheaper option than travelling to the USA to undertake the formal Certification program.  It is for those people committed to doing The Work and making a difference in their world.

If you want to undertake the program and you think you can’t afford it I am happy to discuss this with you.  Contact me to arrange a chat.

What is the cost?

To join the Certificate Program

Register by enrolling in Year One of the Certificate.  You have three payment options:

Pay for Year One of the Certificate in full and receive a 10% discount off the full cost.

Total payment $3942 AUD

Pay In Full with 10% Discount


Pay for Year One in four instalments:

Upon Registration – $1400.00 AUD*

Then quarterly payments on 1 September 2017, 1 December 2017 and 1 March 2018 – $1000.00 AUD  

Total cost $4400.00 AUD  (including an additional $20 for fees incurred through instalment payment.)

*if you wish to make further arrangements to split this amount then please contact Karen via the contact form.

Pay by Instalments


Upon Registration, you will receive full information on the Certificate including a schedule of events available for the upcoming year.

The 2017/18 Certificate program commences on 3 July 2017.

Registrations close on Monday, June 26th, 2017.

*Note: This Certificate may be tax deductible under the ‘Professional Development’ category depending on your personal situation. Please check with your Accounting Professional to validate if this is true for you.  Completion of this Certificate does NOT allow you to call yourself a Certified Facilitator of The Work.  The Institute for The Work and Byron Katie International are the only organisation authorised to grant that status.


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