Turn your life around in 28 days

Would you commit to begin to turn your life around in 28 days?

One way to turn your life around is to question your thinking. When you question your thinking for 28 days in a row, you undo so many patterns and in-grained beliefs.

I’ve found it brought me peace where I was stressed, anxious, depressed, and unhappy. That’s why I’m offering you this opportunity.

New to self-inquiry?

Do you have thoughts or beliefs that keep showing up?

Have trouble sleeping when your mind won’t shut off?

Is there one person who continues to irritate or trigger you into an emotional response over and over again?

Is there one relationship that you want to change and don’t know how?

These types of situations can be questioned using self-inquiry, the process of questioning your thinking.


What is ‘The Work’ you ask?

It is a simple process of questioning any thought that creates suffering or unease in your life.  It is easy to learn, and once you’ve learnt it, you have it to use for life. Any situation that causes you stress or suffering, you can question.

Why work with me?

I have noticed for myself that doing The Work on a daily basis with a partner has a lot of power.  I find that I can unravel so many things with the regular practice.  It allows me to sit deeply in issues that come up, and deal with immediate scenarios, in the space of safety with a facilitator to support me.

Working with me as your facilitator allows you to drop into your Work and I’ll support you to see things that you may not otherwise see, doing The Work on your own.  We’ll look at Mother, Father, Sister, Brother situations as they naturally arise.

How the 28 days works

We will spend an hour a day working on the thoughts and beliefs that are most troubling you.

We meet in-person, via Skype, Zoom or Phone, so it doesn’t matter where you live in the world.

You will be held in the space of safety and facilitated through The Work with compassion and kindness.

All you need to do is turn you.  I will support you in questioning whatever shows up.  We might put your thoughts on a Judge Your Neighbour Worksheet, or we might only work them as they come.

What would it take for you to commit to this journey to begin to ‘Turn Your Life Around’?

Is a life of happiness and joy without suffering something you want?  Let’s Do The Work to find that place within you.

People have found that doing The Work is the best investment of their time and money they have ever made.

I look forward to being of service to YOU to ‘Turn Your Life Around.’

For 28 one-hour individual sessions the total cost would be $2,520 AUD ($1976 USD)

This program is offered to you for a total cost of $1540 AUD ($1208 USD)

You can make a single payment or choose a payment plan of four payments over the month (weekly amount of $385 AUD). Other payment plans are available.  Please contact me to discuss a payment plan that works for you. Don’t let the cost stop you from finding some freedom.


I’m here waiting to explore life with you. Join me?

What do you get from taking this journey?

*You get to experience The Work and how it can assist your suffering.

*A changed perspective on your life.

*28 hours of 1:1 doing The Work with a Certified Facilitator.

*A first-hand experience of the power of questioning your thoughts.

Frequently Asked Questions

It seems expensive?  How much are you currently paying for Psychology/Psychotherapy or Counselling sessions?  The 28-day program works out at $55 AUD ($43 USD) per session. Is that more expensive than what you are currently paying to change your life?

What if I don’t feel like working one day?  I am flexible in the way that we Work.  If you feel the need to have a break from the 28 days, then a day or two is possible.  The aim of doing the 28 days is to have you feel confident in doing The Work daily, so a much longer break and it does not serve you.

I feel so overwhelmed; there are so many thoughts, I don’t know where to start.  That is the best part of this program.  You don’t need to think about anything, turn up at our agreed time. That is all you need to do. I will support you to find a moment, a situation for us to work.  And that is something as simple as me asking you what is happening now in your life.  I find it’s a great place to start.

Testimonials from people who have completed the journey.

Tempe EThe 28-day program benefited me in so many ways. Doing The Work every day made it a more natural part of my thought process and created the habit of doing it every day on my own (or with a partner when possible.) I became much better at recalling memories from my past and seeing how they might relate to my current situation and stressful thoughts. I found that through daily practice I got better at seeing who I would be and how I would feel without those stressful thoughts.

Also, the recordings you gave me were tremendously helpful because they allowed me to step back and pay more attention to how you facilitated me. Even though I didn’t facilitate you during the program, I strongly believe I have become a better facilitator by listening to those recordings and paying attention to the facilitation process as well as my own reactions.

Additionally, you helped take me through one of the most stressful and painful periods of my life and come out stronger and much more peaceful than I believe I would have been without your program. The timing of this program couldn’t have been more perfect for me. I am very grateful for that and for your compassionate presence throughout my ordeal.

Thank you so much for offering this program. I appreciate that you gave me an affordable way to dramatically deepen my own practice of The Work and start a daily practice. I miss working with you daily, and I hope to sign up for another 28 program at some point. – Tempe E – California, USA

Lorraine SLorraine S Aug 2016

What I got out of doing the 28 day program. It feels a bit difficult to put into words. I’ve written a few drafts and ideas of what I could write, now this is off the top of my head. I finished the 28 days program a few weeks ago. Something profound is happening to me. After doing The Work on my own (6 years) and using the Helpline facilitator’s for (3 years) I am experiencing that my heart has a loud voice. My heart knows and has the answers. I feel my heart, a solid space inside me coming alive. A woman that doesn’t know me has appeared in my life. She gave me her unwavering attention. Walked me through to another deeper level of The Work. I always and still want to go to a School, but this has been my own school.

I got to experience feeling completely connected to a woman again. This hasn’t happen for many decades and I have never experienced this as an adult. This was an immediate and profound affect on how I see and feel around women especially my Mother. Feeling connected to my mother…has been an impossible thing that I have ached for, and didn’t think possible for decades. Every day the connection between me and my Mother is rapidly deepening. My eyes are feeling wider and wider. My mother has changed towards me. It feels like we are getting to know each other for the first time. I cant believe it and I feel my hearts been given back to me. Like I’m just breathing for the first time properly.

Now I remember why I called Karen a witch jokingly, cos this is fucking good and real. I hope she leaves this bit in. I got love; a friend that doesn’t want anything back from me; a woman holding me while I expressed how uncomfortable and fearful I was working with her. I dreaded working with Karen and was scared of her (as I am with all women). She made me feel comfortable enough for me to feel I could say the impossible, the uncomfortable feelings/thoughts I was having towards her being a woman. I couldn’t stop thinking “she is a bitch”, and I was expecting her to attack me in some way, to sound bitchy, uncaring, fake, cold. I was waiting for it. I told Karen every time I had the thought she’s a bitch, which was scary, and strange. Very uncomfortable to say to another person.

Going through life hiding these thoughts and feelings has been a perfected act. Finally lifting the lid on it, and seeing just how fixed it was in my mind with the feelings/reactions to go with it was fucking scary, and I couldn’t of wished for a kinder, more genuine person to do that with.

There was not a microscopic trace of her reacting to it, and I looked for it as well as having an inbuilt radar that is automatically on expecting this from women. This blew my mind, and my heart really felt it too. She didn’t act like I was attacking her. I knew in my mind and heart she didn’t think it was about her but I couldn’t switch off the thoughts and feelings. And that’s the whole point of this work, I will still think and feel this way towards women until I get to the real cause. – Lorraine S – Birmingham, UK

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